Malaysia Dividends Calculator

Existing to release the Malaysia Dividends Calculator free version. With that say, you will able to calculate your past dividends income, in case you didn’t make a tracking on paper. Below is the details what you can get and what you need to setup in order to get it.

What You Can Get From the Dividends Calculator?

Before the setup, above is one example what you will see from the calculator. Simply insert the counter you wanted to check, and press refresh, and you will see the total dividend income from the past.

Besides that, you can see the breakdown of the each time distribution from the counters according to the ex date (not payment date), as you entitled for dividends as long as before Ex date.

Dividends Calculator Setup

Follow below steps to setup the calculator:

  1. Make a copy of the Google Sheet below to your drive.

2. You should now see a copy of the google sheet.

3. At the Menu bar, select Tools and Script Editor.

4. Press “Refresh”. You should see below “Authorization Required”. You will need to setup for the first time.

5. Press Continue and select your Google account to use the Google Sheet. If you do not have the Google Account, you will need to register one.

6. Click Advanced and Click Go to Dy_Calculator (unsafe)

7. Click “Allow”.

8. You are all done.

2020 Dividends Investment Target Goals –

Hello everyone, this is my first post for As a investor, apart from investing short and mid term stocks, one of the most important focus of my investment journey is dividends income, which is a longer term investment. Dividends investment is basically building a passive income portfolio while you are sleeping. If you selected the right asset on dividends investment, you are not only receiving the long term dividends income, but also enjoying the appreciation of the asset that you purchase in long run.

They are a lot of choices in this world about the dividends investment. However, i try my best to focus the good dividends investment opportunity in Malaysia, as we are Malaysian!! And i believe our nation’s economy will grow gradually with the abundant natural resources and strategic geographical location.

The very first dividends investment goals are

  1. To ensure your asset is NOT depreciating.
  2. To ensure your asset’s appreciation outperforms inflation rate.
  3. To ensure your asset’s appreciation outperforms Fixed Deposit rate.

Recommended dividend yield target per annum: 5%

Below is our existing Malaysia Interest Rate Trend. Currently we are at 2% interest rate and Bank’s FD rate is close to 2%.


Below is Malaysia Inflation Rate Trend. We are at around 0.5% in 2020, and expected around 2.5% in 2021.

Statistic: Malaysia: Inflation rate from 1984 to 2021 (compared to the previous year) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

In short, our dividends yield target should set at above 3% at least. I’ll set 5% at least for myself.

Recommended dividend yield target per annum: 5%

As we are currently in economy downtrend, it is very good timing to do more study and purchase good asset at discounted price for your dividends portfolio. I’m going to share more of my portfolios, opinions, and strategies in Malaysia. Stay tuned with us on


Public Bank FD Rate

Maybank FD Rate