Monthly Dividends Portfolios

The purpose of this page is to share monthly dividends portfolios from Bursa. Basically the idea is to have healthy monthly cash flow generator with a monthly dividends portfolio. The page will continue to update and share more monthly dividends portfolios for your reference.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a buy/sell recommendation, but a sharing.

Last update: 11-Sep-2021

Monthly Dividends Portfolio 2.0 (Update 7-Aug-2021)

This is the second portfolio to get your monthly dividend. The counters in this portfolio is mainly selected according to their dividend growth performance – 3 consecutive years growing on dividend distribution. The idea is to look at the growth of the dividend but not only the dividend yield. Annual review is needed to remove non-growing counters with fundamental of the companies going downhill.

Monthly Dividends Portfolio 1.0 (Update 24-Jul-2021)

This is first conservative monthly dividends portfolio I shared to have average 5.5%+ dividends annually. This portfolio consists of total 9 bursa stocks with estimate capital cost of RM100k, and generate monthly dividend cash flow about RM500. It is suitable for most of the typical retailers as their long term cash flow machine and grow their wealth gradually.

The table is generated in 24-Jul-21 by using data from year 2020. Assuming the dividends payout from companies are stable and consistent, you will continue to receive your monthly dividends in 2021 and coming years.

30 Years Lazy Dividends Investment Plan

Today I’m going to share a 30 years lazy dividend investment plan. The plan suggests dividend reinvestment and yearly DCA. You just need to follow the plan with your commitment and determination. You will see amazing result after 30 years of investment. The compound interest is too powerful.
P/S: The plan is created with several assumptions, for education and reference purpose. If you are interested to have the excel you may go to link below.

Download excel file for your own inputs.

Download “30Years-DY-Plan.xlsx”

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