Last Price: 0.09

TTM Dividend Yield : 0%

Coming Quarter Report: ~ 2021-07-30

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Sector: Travel, Leisure & Hospitality


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AAX Quarter DY Yield

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AAX Annual Profit Trend

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

In financial accounting, operating cash flow (OCF), cash flow provided by operations, cash flow from operating activities (CFO) or free cash flow from operations (FCFO), refers to the amount of cash a company generates from the  revenues it brings in, excluding  costs associated with long – term  investment  on capital items or investment in securities.(From Wiki)

AAX Annual Cash Flow



  1. AirAsia X Bhd is a Malaysia-based long-haul airline company, engaged in providing long-haul air transportation services. It operates primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. The organization’s reportable segments are classified as each company with an Air Operator Certificate held under the AirAsia brand, namely Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Malaysia is the maximum revenue generating segment for the company. It derives revenue through freight services, aircraft operating lease income, management fees and through other ancillary activities. It also offers management logistical and marketing services, and engine and aircraft leasing services.


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