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Sector: Communications & Networking

Green Packet Berhad is a Malaysia-based information technology and communications company. The Company’s segments include Software and Devices, and Communications services. It provides carrier-grade solutions and consumer devices to telecommunication companies (Telcos). The Solutions group segment focuses on research, development, marketing and distribution of wireless networking and telecommunication products and solutions. The Broadband services segment focuses on the provision of broadband network infrastructure, facilities and services. The Communications services segment focuses on the provision of communication services, solutions and products. Its product family consists of Prime, including PRIME CAT.6 MOBILE ROUTER and PRIME LTE-A CAT.6 INDOOR CPE; Duo series, including Duo Indoor Gateway and Duo Outdoor Modem; Hybrid series, including Hybrid Outdoor Modem and Hybrid Mobile Router, and LiTE series, including LiTE Indoor Gateway and LiTE Outdoor Modem.

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Cash Flow

Cash Flow

In financial accounting, operating cash flow (OCF), cash flow provided by operations, cash flow from operating activities (CFO) or free cash flow from operations (FCFO), refers to the amount of cash a company generates from the  revenues it brings in, excluding  costs associated with long – term  investment  on capital items or investment in securities.(From Wiki)

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  1. 绿驰通讯科技因应冠病复工潮推出结合5大功能的KipleLive普技应用程序,涵盖人工智能(AI)脸部识别、云端托管服务、FR热感扫描仪器、访客管理系统和无现金智能停车方案等功能。

    此外,该公司也与马来小商贩协会共同推出以KiplePay电子钱包为重点的“Warong Digital e-Baazar Ramadan”计划,进一步推动新业务增长。


  2. Green Packet Bhd is engaged in the business of investment holding, research and development, marketing and distribution of wireless networking and telecommunication products, networking solutions, communication services, and other high technology products and services. The business of the company operates in various segments that include Solution Group, Communication Services, and Digital Services. The Communications Services generate maximum revenue for the company.


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