Last Price: 4.86

TTM Dividend Yield : 5.04%

Coming Quarter Report: ~ 2024-08-24

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Sector: Oil & Gas

Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of petroleum products in Peninsular Malaysia. The Company operates through Downstream segment at domestic and foreign location. It operates Petron Port Dickson Refinery, which has a capacity of approximately 88,000 barrels per day, producing a range of petroleum products, which include gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), industrial and commercial fuels, and aviation fuel. Its fuels are distributed from approximately eight depots and terminals. It operates over 560 service stations across the nation. It offers Blaze 95RON, Blaze 97RON Euro 4M and Diesel Max. Its LPG brand, Petron Gasul, provides energy in over 12 kilograms and 14 kilograms for households. It also offers a range of industrial fuel products, including Automotive Diesel Oil, Mogas, Kerosene and Jet A1. Its service stations also provide convenience stores with amenities, such as shopping marts and fast food restaurants.

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PETRONM Dividend Yield Trend

PETRONM Quarter DY Yield

PETRONM Annual DY Yield

PETRONM Quarter Report History

PETRONM Quarter Profit Trend

PETRONM Annual Profit Trend

Cash Flow

In financial accounting, operating cash flow (OCF), cash flow provided by operations, cash flow from operating activities (CFO) or free cash flow from operations (FCFO), refers to the amount of cash a company generates from the  revenues it brings in, excluding  costs associated with long – term  investment  on capital items or investment in securities.(From Wiki)

PETRONM Annual Cash Flow


ROE & Payout Ratio

Return on equity (ROE) is a measure of financial performance calculated by dividing net income by shareholders’ equity. Because shareholders’ equity is equal to a company’s assets minus its debt, ROE is considered the return on net assets. ROE is considered a measure of the profitability of a corporation in relation to stockholders’ equity. (From Investopedia)

The payout ratio is a financial metric showing the proportion of earnings a company pays its shareholders in the form of dividends, expressed as a percentage of the company’s total earnings. On some occasions, the payout ratio refers to the dividends paid out as a percentage of a company’s cash flow. The payout ratio is also known as the dividend payout ratio. (From Investopedia)

PETRONM Annual ROE & Payout Ratio


  1. Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd is a Malaysian oil company engaged in producing a wide range of petroleum products which include gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and aviation fuel.


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