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Coming Quarter Report: ~ 2021-02-26

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Sector: Homebuilding & Construction Supplies

Seacera Group Berhad is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of homogeneous and ceramic tiles. The Company operates through the segments, including Tiles, which is engaged in manufacturing, trading and marketing of various kinds of ceramic tiles and related products, and Property development and construction. The Property development and construction segment of the Company, through Seacera Properties Sdn. Bhd. and its related companies owns various located plots of land and buildings held for development and/or investment properties. The Company’s products include Acasia, AMIATA, BRILLIANT, CASAMIA, CORINTHIAN, ETACA, EVO STONE, MONOTONES, RAWA, SAHARA, SIERRA, STARLIGHT, VIENNA and PRAGUE. The Company’s subsidiaries include Seacera Ceramics Sdn. Bhd., Secera Tiles Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Seacera Properties Sdn. Bhd., Seacera Land Sdn. Bhd., Seacera Tech Sdn. Bhd., Seacera Polymer Sdn. Bhd and SPAZ Sdn. Bhd.

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Cash Flow

Cash Flow

In financial accounting, operating cash flow (OCF), cash flow provided by operations, cash flow from operating activities (CFO) or free cash flow from operations (FCFO), refers to the amount of cash a company generates from the  revenues it brings in, excluding  costs associated with long – term  investment  on capital items or investment in securities.(From Wiki)

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  1. Seacera Group Bhd is engaged in manufacturing and trading of homogeneous and ceramic tiles. The company operates in two segments namely, Tiles that manufactures, trades and markets all kinds of ceramic tiles and related products; and Property development and construction. It also trades other range of building material such as steel products, sanitary wares and fittings, iron mongery, concrete products, roofing materials and other general products.


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